24 Hour Emergency Electrical

We know South East QLD, and if you need an electrician as soon as possible, call Gardel Electrical Services.

We know the importance of having your electricity running smoothly at your home or business, and for this reason, we make sure we are constantly available in the event of an emergency. Our contact phone number, 1300 GARDEL (1300 427 335), is open and available all day, every day, so if you need a 24 hour emergency electrician in South East Queensland we are waiting to quickly and efficiently take care of the problem for you. You can therefore sit back and relax knowing Gardel Electrical Services, your 24 hour emergency electrician, will be there in a flash.

At Gardel Electrical Services, we pride ourselves on our systems and processes that make us industry leaders. Our highly organised and efficient team are reliable and professional in the event of an emergency. We are standing by, and in the event of an emergency we have systems and processes in place that mean you will get the quickest service possible.

When a dangerous situation arises in your home or business, safety comes first. At Gardel Electrical Services, we know that when you need an emergency electrician, you also need an electrician who will put an emphasis on safety and protecting your assets. This is what we do. Additionally to having the processes in place which mean our emergency vehicles arrive on the scene quickly, we have the skills and training needed to deal with dangerous situations in the most proficient and effective way, ensuring satisfaction, emphasising safety, and protecting our client’s property.

Call us on 1300 GARDEL (1300 427 335) to speak to one of our team.